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We are so pleased you have joined us today

I Archangel Gabriel am here with you today. Greetings beloved souls on the earth.  WE are opening up through the vessel of Sandy to communicate with you in this presence about the energy of love that is entering your planet in this now.  We wish for you to know you are always loved. We are here with you and we have been with you since you came into the earth plain. You are never alone my beloved ones.  We desire for you to ask for our assistance. We see you struggle and we desire to assist you, but you must...

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Welcome my friends

News Visions

Welcome to Angelic Art. We are so pleased you have found us. Please stay tuned for news and events as they unfold. We hope this site excites you as we speak to you on a soul level with great love. There is much coming in the future so please come back often so we may serve you to the fullest. With Love - The Angelic Art Team Channeled through Sandy Fodey  

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