Connecting you to your own divinity
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About Angelic Art

These channeled products of love are created with the Angelic Realms to help assist humanity. They are of the highest spiritual realms and lift the vibrations where they are placed. They assist in healing and will touch each individual personally.  They have a peaceful and uplifting vibration and help you connect to your higher self.

These paintings or expressive  expansive creations, are living vibrations that have eons of encodment, activate, initiate and also creating invocations and constant activation that are endless through one painting with all the dimensional planes of existence. These paintings are never ending and are continually expanding in divine consciousness.

I am an intuitive light weaver artist who paints Angels, Archangels and the Angelic Realms. To find out more of the process check about Sandy.

My spiritual artwork is now available to be collected all over the world.



I paint digitally using the light technology of the computer (because this most closely matches the quality of light in the Angelic Realms; therefore there is only a digital original.