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Pet Portraits

Wilson and Max

This is a new addition to the site.  Your pet and I paint these together.  You will send me along a clear picture of your pet and I connect with them energetically to begin.   I will share with you anything your pet shares with me as we are painting.  This is a very personal connection with your pet and sure to be something you will treasure for years to come.

I require 50 percent up front and 50 before they are mailed out to you. I print them on 19 x 13 paper at the size of 18 x 12 to allow you room to add a mat and framing. 

Your portrait’s success will depend largely upon the images you supply. It can be difficult to almost impossible to accurately capture the coloring and markings, let alone the personality of your pet if the lighting in the photo is bad or if the image is blurry. Below are some tips you may find helpful in taking the best pictures possible to create the most successful portrait. Also, you can mail me actual printed photos, but it’s much easier and quicker to shoot digital photos and email them to me.

Resolution and clarity:

For those of you shooting with digital cameras, please make sure it’s set to the highest resolution. This will allow me to enlarge the photo quite a bit before it starts getting blurry, allowing me to get the finest detail possible. If you have a hard time getting a clear shot and your photos keep coming out blurry, it might be helpful to use a tripod. This is important! There is nothing I can do to work around a blurry photo.

A note for those of you using your cell phone cameras… I know it’s tempting to use the zoom feature, but don’t. It reduces the quality of the photo and I won’t be able to enlarge it very much without it becoming totally blurry and pixelated. To get a nice, close shot of your pet…get nice and close!



It will depend a great deal on the the detail in the painting.  Is it just a head painting or a full body painting.  Please reach out with an email or  Contact Us and let's discuss what exactly you are looking for.

With Love,

Sandy Fodey and the Angelic Art team