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Pet Spirits

Maggie Synjyn
Mama and Griffin

A fairly new focus brought forth by the Angelic Realm are these Pet Spirits connection over the rainbow bridge. We and by we I mean the Angelic team I work with, and the pets who connect with me based on their earth families who connect with us. These paintings are actually living fields of energy which means they are alive. You can think of them as doorways directly connecting you to your pet who exists in pure form (spirit of light body) .

It is my honour to connect with these beautiful souls and help their families on earth heal through them.
The rainbow bridge is a 5th dimensional world where our special fur babies live in a much higher frequency level of existence.

How to connect with your Pet Spirit:

I find the best way is to quiet the mind and consciously take a few deep breaths and then connect with your heart while you focus on your painting. Just sit and relax and allow the information to come to you. This is a deeply personal experience, your pet will know how to connect with you, trust this process and enjoy whatever you receive. It could be feelings or ideas that pop into your head, you may have thoughts. Write them down for further reflection. You may feel your dog or cat laying on top of you or reaching out and touching their light body paw out to rest on your heart. Enjoy the experience, knowing it is pure unconditional Love that is coming forth.

With Love,

Sandy Fodey and the Angelic Art team


Please reach out for details if you are interested and I can help you with the details on how we can proceed.