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Angelic Colour Healing

Angelic Colour Healing


I work directly with the Angelic Realm to help you restore your health with Colour healing.

One hour of healing done remotely.

Emotional and psychological problems can also be healed using this method. The aura of the body holds all the negative emotions and traumatic experiences a person goes through in their lives. One can spend many years agonizing and crying about the past experiences, and the memories remain just the same in the aura. But by adjusting the chakras and removing these negative energies from the aura, healing of emotional problems can be healed much more easily. The person need not even tell me what the problems are, I will ask the Angelic realms to tell me what colours you need and where they are to be placed so you can be healed. These colours will stay with you until you are cleared. When the cleansing and re-energizing is done on a person, the body automatically experiences the peace and serenity that the new energies bring in. It's like getting a new inner body.

Colour healing is when I send colour energy to your body to help you heal.  This can be done remotely as it is energy work and we do not need to physically connect.


I have removed hip pain that a woman had experienced for years.  She no longer has pain and no longer limps.