Connecting you to your own divinity
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Soul Painting


Your very own personal signature Soul painting, channeled with the Angelic Realm to speak directly to your soul.

By request I will channel your Angels and produce a painting with your masters and guides, creating a individual energy painting that is attuned to the respective person and provide energies which this person needs at the moment. Different healing and energy radiations like cosmic love increases in vibration can be noticed.

These painting are a direct communication to you from your guides and your higher self. Many times images can appear to you that are conveying personal messages from your past to help assist you on your journey now.

These are living energies communicating directly to you that will continue to work and grow with you.  Their are over 90 layers of consciousness in these painting speaking to you on may levels.

People are often over joyed at the level of love they receive from this direct connection. 

I will bring you along with me and share anything your guide or guides share with me as it unfolds.


"Sandy has a true gift for connecting with the higher realms and capturing their essence in her art. Without any instruction or guidance from me, Sandy created a beautiful painting of my Guides for me, and I was blown away to recognize each of them as the painting unfolded. I connected deeply with the energy of the piece and am so happy to have this art hanging in my office as a beautiful reminder of the company I keep.

Thank you Sandy!"

Rebecca 2017


Look at the video below that shows the process of how the soul painting unfolds.

Angelic Essence of Love and Light video


What I need from you 

Your full name or your loved one if it is a gift
Clear Intention for painting or desired questions.
Your contact information

Prices below DO not include shipping / postage. When you send us your mailing address, we will find the quickest & best delivery obtains available for your area.


TITLE: 'Your Name Soul Painting'
PAPER SIZE: 13 x 16 ( All are in inches)
MATERIALS: Printed with an Epson 1430 printer which produces 5,760 x 1,440 dpi images for vibrant contrast and stunning image clarity.
PAPER: High quality, heavy weight, pH neutral bright white surface, 100% cotton fiber, acid free, lignin-free paper delivers a high DMax, beautiful tonal transitions and a wide colour gamut.

* Have a question or a concern: Please feel free to email me