Connecting you to your own divinity
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Welcome to Angelic Art

These are Expressive, expansive creations with Angels expressed through Sandy Fodey

These beautiful creations are divinely orchestrated with universal angelic presences to reach the hands they are best going to compliment and assist; to add the enrichment as activators and initiators and envocators to your life-stream.

I am a Light weaver and I am a pure channel for the Angelic Realm. I weave light into Angelic Art paintings from pure source, to help you connect with your own divinity within.  There are over 90 levels of consciousness to this paintings that continue to grow and expand.

We welcome you to connect with these living fields and feel their presence.  Usually this starts in the heart.  So take a moment and take a deep breath and connect with your heart and then look at these gifts of love to see what comes forth for you.